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Domestic Violence

Charity Spot Light
This poker tournament was designed to solve several problems. The first problem it solves is providing poker players with the best online poker ever. In addition to bringing online poker back better than ever before to all US citizens this tournament also raised a lot of money for worthy charities.

The goal of HPP is to make the world a better place and what better way to start than to support those organizations that are already doing just that. The more we can help them the more they can help others. Any charity that is making our world a better place is a charity we want to support and help raise money for

Our method of fund raising does not rely on the charity of others. The source of income comes from advertisers who get the best advertising on the market today. This provides something unique that is related to "Win Win". We call it "Win Big, Win Big".

Each tournament we conduct will raise either $2 Million or $20 Million depending on who wins the final heads up match. The more you play the more tournaments we can conduct and the more people you bring to play the more tournaments we can have. The bottom line is the more people we have playing the more they each play, the more money we can raise for charities.

You get a say in which charities get the funds in the end. When you register you get to select the charity you want to play for. You can also at anytime change your charity by visiting your profile page and changing your prefered charity. You can even nominate a charity that is not on our list and play for them unless our team of experts find a valid reason not to support that charity. The bottom line is if you win then your charity wins too.

We also have a great referral bonus where your charity gets to benifit as well. If you refer the person who wins then you win and your charity wins as well. The more people you refer the better chance your charity has of getting funds.