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We are looking for long term success and to achieve that we need to make sure we are providing our source of income with everything we can. Our source of income are you, our advertisers and we understand the bottom line with you is ROI. That is why we have designed our poker tournament to provide our players with valuable prizes while providing our advertisers with bonus sales.

The bottom line with ROI always comes down to sales so we did everything we could think of to get you sales. To insure we are successful in getting our advertisers sales we are going to award all round 1 and round 2 winners with prizes that create sales.

The prizes on the wheel vary but all prizes have a true value to the winner. The prizes range from lead items such as a free appitizer, to direct sales. We will be selling over $1 Million in goods from the spin of this wheel.

Stage two winners get a $20 gift card to our online store. Only our advertisers will have items for sale in our online store.

The round two prize of a $20 gift card to our online store is not a representative of $20 in total sales. The $20 is toward the purchase of items in our store. If the sale price of the item the customer wants is $45, then the player can apply the $20 gift card toward that purchase and pay the remaining $25. This makes the total sale more than twice the $20 they won playing poker. Even though we can only guarantee $8 Million in sales the final total will be much higher.

One of the most unique aspects to our poker tournament is our wheel of prizes. It creates all sorts of opportunities for our advertisers and we feel we have enough flexibility built in to cater to any of our advertisers. Such opportunities include lead items, sales items, promotional items, and my favorite which I classify the puppy dog close.

Lead items will work great for our wheel. We can set the number of lead items we give away and we can even offer a repeat winner to spin again allowing for all lead items to fall in the nands of unique people. If you have something our players will find value in and are willing to give it away to lead customers to your store then we are the perfect fit.

We can do direct sales from our wheel as well. As part of a few of our packages we are including a change to get guaranteed sales. We put your item on the wheel, set the odds and times to win, and get you that exact number of sales. We are putting $1 Million into sales from our wheel of prizes.

We can include your promotional item on our wheel of prizes if it has value to our players. This could be a great way to launch a new product or service or to get beta users for your new program.

If you offer a free trial this is going to be perfect for you. People appreciate things more when they have won it rather than just given to them.